Light Cargo Vessel

Hydromover, an electric light cargo vessel, is designed to revolutionize cargo transportation in the maritime industry. It has been engineered with innovative technology and sustainable design features that offer an unparalleled level of efficiency and reliability.

Features of Hydromover

Spacious Cargo Capacity

At the heart of Hydromover is its spacious deck that can accommodate a cargo capacity of up to 25 tonnes. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking to transport cargo with zero emissions at competitive rates.

Optimized Hull Design

Hydromover’s hull is designed for extensive hydrodynamic simulation that results in minimal resistance and drag. This enables smooth navigation even in rough seas while conserving energy.

Battery Swapping

One of its key features is its battery-swapping capability, allowing quick and efficient battery replacement to reduce vessel downtime. This feature ensures cargo is delivered on time, every time, making Hydromover an indispensable asset for businesses with tight schedules.

Smart Bridge

The vessel has dual touch-screen displays that provide the crew with real-time information about the vessel’s health and status. This allows the crew to make better informed decisions and improve safety onboard.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The Hydromover also has advanced decision-making capabilities, including energy optimization, waypoint calculation, collision detection and future remote/autonomous functions. This allows the Hydromover to operate efficiently and safely while minimizing the risk of human errors.

Local Design & Assembly

The Hydromover was built in Singapore, together with the Goal Zero consortium members. The team of expert designers and engineers has incorporated the latest sustainable technologies and innovations to create a vessel that meets the operational needs of businesses while minimizing its impact on the environment.

Technical Specifications of Hydromover

Main Vessel Particulars

Vessel Type Light Cargo Transfer
Hull Type Catamaran
Length (m) 18.5
Beam (m) 8
Draft (m), Full Load 1.6
Lightweight Displacement (t) 37
Max Displacement (t) 62
Material of Construction Aluminium

System Specifications

Main Propulsion 2 x 235 kW (full redundancy)
Steering Control Thruster Lever
High Voltage Electrical Architecture 800 VDC
Low Voltage Electrical Architecture 24 VDC
Shore Power 415 VAC, 3 Phase
Primary Batteries Yes
Emergency Batteries Yes
Solar Panels Yes
Bridge Configuration Dual Touch Screen Display Integrated with Vessel Management System
Autonomous Functions Situation Awareness, Auto-Docking, Auto-Pilot


Cruising Speed 8 – 10 Knots
Top Speed 12 Knots
Range @ Half Load Up to 40 Nautical Miles

Capacities & Facilities

Cargo Capacity Up to 25 Tons
Cargo Deck Space 60 m2 Area
Crew 4
Passenger Up to 8
Facilities Toilet, Basin, Galley, Accommodation Cabins

Deck Equipment & Ship Systems

Bilge & Fire Pump 10 x Electric Bilge Pumps; 2 x Electric Fire Pumps
HVAC System Air Condition Inside Wheelhouse and Dedicated Battery Extraction Fans
Fire Fighting System Fire & Gas Detectors, Fixed Fire Suppression in Battery Space and Portable Fire Extinguishers
Life Saving Appliances Life Rafts, Life Buoys, Life Jackets
Navigation System Radar, AIS, Autopilot, Weather Station (Wind Speed & Direction, Barometric Pressure, Temperature, GPS, Compass), Smart Sensor (Depth, Speed, and Temperature)
Fendering D Type Fender

Classification & Regulatory



Main Class

C ✠ Hull • MACH, Workboat, NAV 30 – C, Battery Powered Ship

Ship Type

Electric Harbour Craft



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