Sail clean, sail green

Maritime Electrification Partner of Choice

We enable and facilitate the decarbonization of the maritime industry.

We do so by investing into innovative green technologies, integrating them and commercializing them.

Electric Crew Transfer Vessel

Electric Light Cargo Vessel

High efficiency foiling system

This innovative system allows the vessel to lift above the water, greatly reducing water resistance and energy consumption. Delivering higher speeds with unparalleled ride comfort and lower operation cost.

Smart bridge for decision making

Our fully integrated digital bridge is designed to provide seamless user control and enable remote monitoring.

Gain access to real-time information on your vessel’s performance, including speed and location with our smart bridge.

Innovation through automation

The advanced sensor system enables autonomous features that can increase safety at sea though enhanced situational awareness and reduce crew manning.

Our vessels will undergo testing for future remote and full autonomous operation that can reduce the level of crew manning onboard.

Our Solutions


Vessel leasing is an excellent option for clients who want to take advantage of the latest technological advancements in the maritime industry, while avoiding making significant capital investments.


Our vessel services include vessel maintenance and repair and as well as supply chain and logistics management.

Electrifying maritime transportation:

Why Now

IMO 2030 decarbonisation goals

Tech maturity enabling mass market adoption

Growing demand for new vessels

Growing investment in green tech

Consumer preference for quieter and cleaner ports

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