Crew Transfer Vessel

Hydroglyder, our state-of-the-art electric crew transfer vessel, combines innovative hydrofoil technology with electric propulsion and batteries to deliver superior ride comfort while producing zero-emissions.

Hydroglyder represents the most economical and environment-friendly option for marine transportation.

Features of Hydroglyder

Active Foiling Control

The hydrofoil technology lifts the hull above water to drastically reduce water resistance and increase energy efficiency per nautical mile travelled compared to other conventional vessels. This technology helps the vessel glide above water to provide unparalleled ride comfort.

Energy Efficient

From minimizing power loses in the electrical system design and component selection to having a lightweight composite hull, the Hydroglyder is engineered to be the most energy-efficient vessel possible.

Situational Awareness

With advanced sensors and navigation systems, Hydroglyder features situational awareness and decision-making capabilities, making it a safe and reliable vessel for crew transfer operations.

Auto Docking & Autonomous Systems

The auto docking feature enables the vessel to position itself along the berth for crew change and charging operation.

3D Printed Passenger Seats

The passenger seats are custom 3D printed to ensure the lightest possible marine-grade seats. As a result, the seats only weigh a few kilograms. They are easy to clean and ergonomically designed for comfort.

Technical Specifications of Hydroglyder

Main Vessel Particulars

Vessel Type Crew and Passenger Transfer
Hull Type Catamaran with Centre Hull
Hydrofoil Configuration Main foil with Aft Stabilator
Length (m) 11.9
Beam (m) 5.3
Draft (m), Displacement & Foiling 2.4 & 1.1
Lightweight Displacement (t) 10
Material of Construction, Hull E-glass Sandwich Foam Core
Material of Construction, Foil Composite Metallic Hybrid

System Specifications

Main Propulsion 390 kW
Bow Thruster 15 kW Tunnel Thruster
Steering Control Joystick & Thruster Lever
Flight Control Active
High Voltage Electrical Architecture 800 VDC
Low Voltage Electrical Architecture 24 VDC
Shore Power 415 VAC, 3 Phase
Primary Batteries 252 kWh Li-ion
Emergency Batteries 16 kWh Li-ion
Solar Panels 4 kWp
Bridge Configuration Dual Touch Screen Display Integrated with Vessel Management System
Autonomous Functions Situation Awareness, Auto-Docking, Auto-Pilot


Cruising Speed 20 – 25 Knots
Top Speed 30 Knots
Range @ 25 Kn Up to 20 Nautical Miles

Capacities & Facilities

Crew 2
Passenger Up to 12
Facilities Toilet, Basin

Deck Equipment & Ship Systems

Bilge Pump 10 x Electric Bilge Pumps
HVAC System Air Condition Inside Wheelhouse and Dedicated Battery Extraction Fans
Fire Fighting System Fire & Gas Detectors and Portable Fire Extinguishers
Life Saving Appliances Life Rafts, Life Buoys, Life Jackets
Handrails Stainless Steel
Fendering Custom Made Composite Fenders

Classification & Regulatory

Classification DNV
Main Class 1A HSLC R3 Service
Certification Craft Standard ST-0342
Ship Type Electric Harbour Craft

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